A recent study revealed that social media marketers are still hung up on size; still worried about quantity over quality when it comes to social media marketing measurement.

As anyone who knows me or has been around me for more than thirty seconds knows I am a somewhat of a pop culture savant. I love to combine my knowledge of inane, otherwise useless information with my knowledge of social media and marketing and advertising.

Exhibit A can be found in an article I wrote last year for Marketing Profs titled:

"Baby, We Were Born to Market: Springsteen on Social Media Marketing,” in which I used lyrics from Springsteen songs and applied them to social media marketing.

Today I want to quote another fine American, Foghorn Leghorn.

Yes, that Foghorn Leghorn for after reading the results of a survey conducted by Awareness called the “
State Of Social Media Marketing” the first thing that came to mind upon seeing one finding in particular was Mr. Leghorn’s classic lament...

"No, no, no! You're doin' it all wrong!"

This is the finding in question:


It was quite disheartening to say the least to see over 75% of the respondents still worried about size.

This is not the porn industry here, kids and this is not about buying a house… SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!

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