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Have You Checked Your Online Reputation?
Online reputation management is not a one-time job. You can never get it done with and then move on. It’s a continuous process of building up a brand image and working every single day to keep things running. Brands are fragile. You have to protect them through proper reputation management services. You have to be vigilant and on the prowl for any emergency situations as well.

Keep an eye out for mentions of your brand or services on the Internet. You need not go surfing around for updates. You can use the Web 2.0 tools that are available for online reputation management solutions. For example, Google Alerts inform you about updates through email. Create an alert with your brand name and you’re all set!

The key to successful reputation management is to work on it daily. Check the social media profiles you have on a regular basis. Responding to posts and comments immediately has a lot of novelty among the consumers. You have to understand that customers feel special when you answer their questions promptly. They feel that
your brand is out there to help them with their issues any time they want to call on you. This will build up brand loyalty, something that your brand desperately needs in this age of transition.

You cannot stop a consumer from flipping over to your rival, unless you’re treating them well with some quality online reputation management. Take good care of your customers and keep checking your online reputation daily: you’ll soon be where brands should be.

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Why the Political Parties Have No Social Media Policy?

2012 is an election year. This is not only the case in the US, but also in many other countries including my own, Belgium. There will be local elections and union elections this year.  But I am looking forward, with a lot of anticipation, to how US politics will be using Social Media to rally to victory.  Four years ago, Team Obama surprised everybody, but this year, many politicians and candidates will be fighting back and use the same weapons.

What I can not stop wondering about is whether the Democratic or Republican party has a Social Media Policy.  I do not think so and in all honesty I am not sure they can make one that sticks.  In reviewing the database of social media policies (http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php), there are a number of elements that always show up in such a policy.   Maybe this is a good time to benchmark some paragraphs of these policies versus the political world.  It will become apparent why it would be close to impossible to create a Social Media Policy (that would stick to) for any political party:

Here are some clauses and further meaning:

  • Respect your Audience: One should show proper consideration for other’s privacy and topics considered inflammatory.
  • It is a Conversation: it is supposed to be a two-way conversation and not just shouting out to the audience.
  • Respect your competition, do not pick fights or launch personal attacks: Seems very obvious and does not really require any further explanation.
  • Be honest and transparent: do not be sneaky or devious. Do not have others go out there and say good things about you and bad things about others.  Stay away from ghostwriters.
  • Be yourself and respectful: Voters will see through your marketing tricks and talk. Be passionate and let that show through your personality.
  • Get your facts right: Separate your opinions from your facts.  How often is this not forgotten?
  • Admit mistakes, apologize and correct your mistakes: do not be afraid to say that you were wrong.  Admit to those mistakes and correct them.
  • Think twice about posting: Before you post think about how it will be perceived since that is what people will see as the reality.  The internet does not forget easy.  Make sure you are allowed to post this content.
  • Do not lie: Obviously since you are personally responsible for “speaking” on a public platform.
  • Add Value: People’s time is valuable so do not waste it with.
  • Aim for Quality and not Quantity: Offer your contribution with content and in context.
  • Do not spam your audience: Respect people’s time

As most companies and organizations are urged to create good social media guidelines and policies, I think politicians should set the example.  However, I know that politicians stand on the barricade when they see these types of policies, but just like marketers they feel that their hands are tied.  So I wonder if any of the political parties are even giving this any thought and would love to hear from them. 

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What type of blogger are you?

14 million blogs were added since July 2011 (as of 12/2/2011).

If people are adding nearly 3 million blogs per month, surely this is a tool worth understanding and maximizing. That is the conclusion Technorati reached in their 2011 State of the Blogosphere Report.

In this report, bloggers fall into one of five categories:

  1. Hobbyist—Someone who blogs for fun and doesn’t report any income from blogging (this represents 60% of the study).
  2. Professional Part-time—These people typically blog to supplement their income and blog about personal musings or technology (approximately 9% of respondents).
  3. Professional Full-time—These individuals make their living by blogging, but typically work freelance (approximately 9% of respondents).
  4. Corporate—Corporate bloggers blog full-time as part of their job or are contracted to blog full-time for a company (8% of respondents).
  5. Entrepreneur—Entrepreneurs blog for a company or organization they own (13% of respondents).

This represent me, perfectly! Hobbyist bloggers—people who blog as a way to express themselves or influence their community

7 reasons to rethink your blogging Read More

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11 Blogging Essentials For Your Business

One of the most effective and fluid sources for engaging people online is by hosting and maintaining a blog platform through your website. This is an excellent way of displaying the interests and concerns of your business. The benefits of giving insight into your company's personality through regular article postings are exponential. [read more]

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Small Business Focus - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Now Google Plus
Following up on our city tours for Hands-On SMT, Social Media Today is offering a free “extension course” of webinars which will continue to provide specific case studies and tips you can use for social media business success. Listen below, and scroll down for the full video.
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PR, Communication, and Marketing Trends 2012 Part 1
What’s in store for communicators, PR pros, and marketers in 2012? It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the PR, communications, and marketing world to look at the challenges and opportunities ahead. It’s time we determine what’s in store for our businesses, our industry, and our way of workin...
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